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Remote Assistance

Arvicom's remote assistance solutions enable visual collaboration and in-sight remote instructions. Robust, lightweight, wearable with protective gear, and adapted to light-intensive environments, the platforms are designed for effective industrial use. The devices are agnostic to many of today's remote collaboration services and software suites. It allows partners to maintain their collaboration tools and procedures while assuring the best form of visual support.

HAWK XR remote assistance


Augmented Reality platforms provide a natural instructive interface between the technical user, the tools, and the manufacturing installations. Digital annotations and documentation, based on various dedicated software solutions available through partners speed-up and improve the workflows. The Arvicom solutions combined with the best-fit interfaces enable more efficient and natural training and validation. 

Hawk XR manufacturing
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From light-weight Augmented Reality glasses for the designer offices to robust headsets wearable on the construction sites, Arvicom enables partners with improved processes from design planning to build-up. With 3D visualizations and mapping, architects, project managers, and construction agents can benefit from the different related Augmented Reality tools on the market powered by high-performance and environment-adapted technologies.

Hawk XR construction

Arvicom is dedicated to design and deliver the highest performance and alignment to critical industrial processes. 

Interested to discover how Arvicom can support you in bringing AR to your operations, or how it integrates AR-based efficiencies in your existing processes? 

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