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Medical technologies are crucial to the specialist's success and patient outcomes. Med-tech players strive to deliver the highest standards of performance and support to their different types of healthcare customers.

With the same mindset and dedication to deliver the best possible tools for the benefit of the user and the patient, Arvicom and its partners deliver to and support global healthcare players in their integration of Augmented Reality capabilities. 

Designed for maximal performance, procedure adaptation, and regulatory compliance, the headsets deliver market-leading visualizations, tracking, and interaction.

Hawk XR telemedicine
Hawk XR healthcare

Whether novel software platforms or integrated into existing medical devices, the end-solutions of the medical partners range from various forms of assistance to training and tomorrow's revolutionizing surgical navigation platforms.

Within the medical Augmented Reality development track, a team with mature experience in medical technology and Augmented Reality platform design assures the full integration and adaptation to the customers' requirements, the target procedure, and the end-users. Full support is made available from the initial design to the clinical validation, market launch, and eventual scaling of the technologies.

Interested to discover how Arvicom can support you in your novel Augmented Reality ambitions, or integrate Augmented Reality capabilities readily in your current medical software and products? 

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