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One of Arvicom's key focuses lies on the improvements of the most remote communication and collaboration needs. Enabling visual bi-directional communication with its Augmented Reality headsets and communication terminals, the technologies challenge the limits of bandwidth availability, communication latencies, and potentially rough environments. Our leading challenge and application aim at enabling global access to critical healthcare expertise.

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TeleAssist is a Telemedicine solution addressing the gap of inaccessible resources and healthcare among the most vulnerable and remote populations. A specialized communication platform with smartglasses enables the virtual presence of remote but necessary expertise, hence a quicker diagnosis by mobile health agents and improved handling of emergencies. With global connectivity, it improves access to qualified healthcare, reduction of displacement and costs, and most importantly the health outcome of the patients and victims.


Enabling global access to critical care assistance

The communication platforms enable mobile and remote care agents to have expert advisors virtually present where and whenever needed.


Maternal care

TeleAssist is supporting midwives & nurses in the most remote care centers.

Expert gynecologist advice can be consulted in case of complications, independent of the distance between a mother and the necessary specialist.

General care

TeleAssist is facilitating interdisciplinary advice between healthcare professionals.

Experience and skills of different healthcare specialists in larger, urban institutions can be consulted by medical practitioners providing general care in more distant and remote areas.


Refugee crises

TeleAssist enables the support of mobile humanitarian agents by larger amounts of remote specialists.

Younger mobile care agents providing urgent medical care in overcrowded refugee or crisis camps can face complex medical issues beyond their training and experience. TeleAssist enables remote assistance to be virtually present.

Interested to discover how Arvicom can support your humanitarian or emergency needs with novel Augmented Reality solutions? 

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